Protection Warrior Pick Up Lines

Protection Warrior Pick up Lines

Here you will find Protection Warrior Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Warrior Pick Up LinesArmsFury and Protection. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Tank me to the bedroom.

I going to Disarm you then sunder your armor then put you on my bed.

Alright woman this is my Last Stand.

I’m Devastating. (Furyon)

Don’t worry, I know how to use protection. (Furyon)

Give me a second chance. I took Anger Management and my Thunder Clap has improved. (Furyon)

You seem heavy with those clothes on? Don’t mind if I Sunder them. (Twoshorty)

I’m almost there, don’t Interrupt!(Kodama)

I got a 25K Shield Slam! (Lorlionac)

I’m going to Overpower you and Shield Slam you down under my desk. Silenced girls can’t say no.(Alliteration)

I said Shield Block, not cock block… nevermind. I just come here to sunder your pants and tank you against the wall.(Alliteration)

I hear you’re tank and spank.(Alliteration)

You’ve Intercepted my heart and Taunted my loins now beat me so I can get some Revenge.(Alliteration)

I Taunted you baby. Just don’t give me the Thunder Clap.(Paulyknucklz)

I’m going to tank your pants right off.(Kithsara)

I’m a tank. I’m use to getting hit on all the time.

Your going with John? My best friend? Either I’m going to have to Sudden Death or I’m going to Charge and get Revenge!(Onftw)

Better watch out because there is a Shield Slam coming.(Fúry)

Sorry for Intervening up to you like that but I couldn’t resist Taunting that baddie off you.(Lkm)

Let me show you how I Devastate and let loose a Piercing Howl.(Vicious)

If I get with you tonight I won’t need to put points into off-hand specialization. (Fayceroll)

Don’t worry, I’m expertised capped. (Teomat)

All this Anticipation is making me as hard as Iron Will. Hurry up already. (Cerwyn)

Give me a copper and I’ll Slam your shield. (Nubling)

It’s time to Shield Slam and chew bubblegum, but I am all out of rage.(Revlon)

You just focus on that Impale, and let me worry about Protection.(Vyktoria)

I may be Armored to the Teeth, but that doesn’t mean I like Crushing Blows.(Krausen)

Just because im specced protection doesnt mean im gonna use it. (Greatblade)

/getnaked leave on Shield and /yell I carry my own protection! (Daloh)

Don’t worry sweet thing, this won’t be my Last night Stand. (Tankerbelle)

I got Protection, Stance. (Tankerbelle)

I want you INCITE my pants. (Gantrithor)

Despite being specced into IMPROVED DISCIPLINES, its never long until I FLURRY. I’ll make one LAST STAND before I end up SUNDERING myself and you’re left waiting for my SECOND WIND. (Gantrithor)

Here, have Vigilance, you’ll need it.(Boñk)

One Mocking Blow and then you get the Thunder Clap. Thats why you need protection. (Necronom)

I can pop Last Stand and last 30% longer.(Halpplz)

I like you enough I might even spec protection.(Janan)

Want to get sunder my pants.(Tabsunder)

Why you got to critical block me like that? Now im filled with Endless Rage. (Relinquished)

No one has Stamina like a warrior! /rawr (Lufnis)

Im going to Devastate you with my massive weapon. (Hydrix)

If you try to resist and take a swing at me I’ll just dodge it and unleash my Revenge on you. (Hydrix)

I’m MT of my guild. Want to beat the meat(shield)?(Requnix)

I’m going to sunder your armor.

I don’t need Taunt to tank you to my bedroom.

You incapacitated me, get ready for my Second Wind. (Omgarogue)

Come with me and feel the Shockwave. (Karir)

Protection? Don’t worry about that. I AM protection! (Ericcrow)

Want to make my Thunder Clap? (Wackenov)

Who needs pick up lines when you have Taunt? (Gaiden)

We’re going get you into the Gag Order, even if it takes all night. (Ishvahn)

Does this shield smell like clorophorm to you? /bash (Matilda)

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