General Warrior Pick Up Lines

Warrior Pick Up Lines

Here you will find General Warrior Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Warrior Pick Up LinesArmsFury and Protection. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I’m just having a little trouble getting my Rage up. I swear it happens to all of us. Maybe if I take off my pants. (Gantrithor)

They keep nerfing me, because of how much damage I deal. (Beepaa)

Want the helmet on or off? (Blaekahl)

Whats the matter can’t handle that ATT… oops typo(Kodama)

I’ve never been scared before I saw your Mace.(Kodama)

I’m a warrior you’re a Priest, we are perfect for each other!!(Kissmyaxe)

Want to make love? I need a rage dump.(Alliteration)

Despite the plate, you’ll find I don’t chaff, sweetheart.(Alliteration)

I’m prot specced. Love me or no group.

Try 5-10 yard kiting this. *pulls out Zin’Rokh(aka. the whale penis).(Alliteration)

Ready for some tough love?Sword fight? (gay)(Onftw)

I’m axing you for your phone number. (Anelin)

Even with protection, my Battle Stance and mace spec will break it. Why bother?(Erenger)

Call up your druid friend, maybe we can hit some 3′s.(Erenger)

I’ll crit you so hard you won’t know where your body starts and mine ends.(Erenger)

I prefer to use my skills up close and personal.(Azulean)

I may be huge but it hurts 10% less. (Londelen)

You can stance dance around my pole all day long, baby.(Alliteration)

I don’t know how you like it but I’ll be betraying your humanity twice tonight.(Raveger)

My cooldowns are longer than most people but for you I can make them 2 minutes.(Garrex)

I can’t use a wand, but I’ll use everything else. (Wontons)

Error: I need both hands for my weapon.(Benjy)

I have 106 armor penetration. (Moatilliatta)

I’m a gladiator want to go out for pizza and sex? (Therie)

What stance do you want?(Celianne)

You have nothing to fear from me baby, anyone can get away from me. (Heltamr)

You make me as hard as this plate armor I wearing.

I’ll let you kite me all night long.(Hackneyed)

I know THREE positions!(Switchemz)

I’ve got the sword, you’ve got the board. (Boñk)

Thats right. Its a two hander. (Dylan)

Ever done it dosed up on Rage Potion?(Hariiti)

I got a 2-hander. (Anklelock)

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