Fury Warrior Pick Up Lines

Fury Warrior Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Fury Warrior Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Warrior Pick Up LinesArmsFury and Protection. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

You can say no all you wish, I’ll just pop Enrage (for you old schoolers :P ) and it’s time for Gag Order. (Korvalos)

Your body is SLAMmin! (Gantrithor)

Quick, Charge out the door! I’ll intercept your father.(Roxurworld)

Is it that time of the month. Don’t worry I like things bloody. (Aethos)

If I go Reckless you wont walk right for a week. (Aethos)

My TG can double your pleasure double your fun. (Aethos)

Even with Titan’s Grip, it still takes two hands. (Berghøff)

Can I slam your Deep Wound? (Usarias)

Slam me harder will you? (Kodama)

My Titans Grip will hold you in place.

Girl, don’t worry. I’m Fury, remember? (Londelen)

I’m lost in a Whirl Wind with out you.

Let me switch to Berserker Stance.

I never forget to Execute.

I brought a friend, hope you know how to Titan Grip. (Tankerbelle)

You just proc’d my Bloodsurge (Niasin)

You got crabs? Don’t worry I can Intimidating Shout!(Bawlls)

Not only can I hit it from behind, but I Execute with perfection. (Azulean)

I’d like to Rend you speechless and Slam you all night long. (Azulean)

When we’re done here you’ll be the one using a Battle Shout.(Serosis)

I’ll come at you like a Whirlwind.(Erenger)

I’m definately going to Execute this Slam and don’t you try to Intervene or I’ll have to give you a Commanding Shout.(Onftw)

I hope you don’t mind if I Intercept your friend and Slam her. Its gonna be a Whirlwind. (Onftw)

I brought a friend, hope you have Dual-Wield Specialization. (Tankerbelle)

With Precision I’m a great shot. (Tankerbelle)

You procced a BLOODSURGE, in my pants. (Gantrithor)

My two hands can do the work of four regular hands. (Janan)

I have nice cleavage.

I think you just procced my Bloodsurge. (Látigo)

If I can Intervene on this situation, I think you’ll like the way I sunder your armor while I take you in my Titan’s Grip. I’ll even get Protection so you don’t wake up with the Thunder Clap after feeling my Shockwave. (Eilonna)

So me and my buddies heard you can dual-wield 2-handers.(Miles)

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