Arms Warrior Pick Up Lines

Arms Warrior Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Arms Warrior Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Warrior Pick Up LinesArmsFury and Protection. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

When I Taste of Blood. I am very tempted to just Overpower you.

You been Bladestorming in my mind all night long. (Twoshorty)

I don’t date Warriors who Charge too slow.(Jerrikor)

They call me the Juggernaut, bitch.(Jerrikor)

Don’t try to run I got a Hamstring. (Aethos)

I’m specced into improved Overpower and Gag Order. You’re into that, right? (Korvek)

/hamstrings I love it when they try to run.(Alliteration)

Don’t worry, it’ll proc the bleed if I sit down for you.(Squittles)

Not used to a girl taking Charge?(Kodama)

They don’t calll it that anymore, we call it Bladestorm. Now close your eyes and get ready. (Kodama)

Don’t worry I usually Overpower most guys.(Kodama)

I’d Rend that.(Brackis)

Like my Hamstring? Not so bad yourself.(Onftw)

Ready for my Bladestorm?(Fúry)

I’m a Juggernaut of a warrior on a Bloodthirsty Rampage equipped with weapon mastery. I hope I don’t give you a Concussive Blow. (Onftw)

I’m a take Charge kinda guy, and I guarantee you’ll be stunned. (Azulean)

Baby you better Safeguard yourself because im gonna Charge. (Naos)

Leave my Priest alone or you get a Mortal Strike across your skull!(Durana)

I’m sword spec so you know I can hit it twice. If you’re lucky.(Erenger)

Are you comfortable with things like… Gag Order? (Tankerbelle)

Now that I got Juggernaut I can re-lunge during action. (Tankerbelle)

What’s Sweeping Strikes for? Invite a friend. (Tankerbelle)

You have Two-Handed Specialization? I like you already. (Tankerbelle)

Can I puncture your Deep Wound with my Grim Toll? (Peepeepee)

I have Anger Management issues and need something to Slam with my Juggernaut.(Graul)

Let me crit you with my penetrating mace, so I can get a Deep Wounds on you.(Desgracia)

Im arms, I’ve got an improved Slam.(Boñk)

I take charge!

Yeah you got a nice crit but I have Impale. (Dylan)

Don’t worry with Unrelenting Assault and Endless Rage. I can go all night.(Dylan)

My mace is speced for extra penetration.(Kobebyrant)

I always Charge right in. (chierke)

You’ll bleed when I crit. (Malatov)

It’s a shame Puncture is a useless talent. Or is it? (Scytheg)

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