Destruction Warlock Pick Up Lines

Destruction Warlock Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Destruction Warlock Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other warlock Pick Up LinesAfflictionDestruction and Demonology. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

How could you have gotten Searing Pain from me?

Spend a night with me and you’ll have Searing Pain in the morning. (Evolyn)

I’m Destro and can finish in 5 seconds. (Evolyn)

Im Destro speced so if we date I might RUIN your !@@%*@#.(Balrogg)

I have a gigantic crit. (Evolyn)

Choas and Shadow aren’t the only things I can shoot.(Evansdad)

Want to know the definition of burst? (Dadee)

I make it, Rain of Fire.

I will give you the Searing Pain when you pee.

I Seduce my prey first, followed by bursts. (Dadee)

Watch out for my hard firestone, it increases my burst damage.(Deathsguard)

I can assure you that my Shadow Bolt never goes off prematurely. (Kharnis)

I only Death Coil as a finishing move, DK does it before it starts. (Dadee)

Sup baby want to check out my Chaos Bolt. (Vei)

You look good and I’m looking forward to using my Decimate procs on you. (Gárden)

Every time I look at you, you just Incinerate my heart. (Aikou)

You must be a warlock too, because you set my soul on fire. (Payyed)

I want to Decimate between your legs.

I always use Nether Protection. (Semick)

Your Shadowfury is stunning. (Semick)

Did you know that my Intensity applies to everything? (Kharnis)

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