Demonology Warlock Pick Up Lines

Demonology warlock pick up lines

Here you will find Demonology Warlock Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other warlock Pick Up LinesAfflictionDestruction and Demonology. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

No that’s not a Soul Shard in my pocket, my Imp’s just happy to see you. (Sadyst)

Summoning children doesn’t take a Soul Shard. (Boot)

I’ve had my Eye of Kilrogg on you. (Boot)

Did you just cast Seduce on me? (Semick)

Hey I completely understand if you like to go both ways, I can turn into a buff male demon every 5 minutes just for you.(Phaelia)

Drain my soulpouch (Semick)

Our soul’s are linked. (Semick)

I like your stones. (Semick)

I’ll let you global my pet. (Boot)

Listen here evil woman, do I need to cast Enslave Demon on you.

I won’t need my Succubus to Seduce you.

There is a reason they can her a “Suc” ubus.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a demon for every encounter. (Ryuke)

Let me show you my demon form. (Nahtzee)

Do me Fel Hound style.

I use Demonic Tactics… in bed. (Deman)

Did I cast my Demonic Circle in your pocket? Because I can see myself getting inside your pants quickly. (Stilgian)

You guys are making me so shard.(Neftos)

Mind if I drop my Demonic Circle in your pants? (Flakk)

If you’re into the group thing you can help me summon. (Sadyst)

I want to Enslave you so we can Soul Link. (Sadyst)

You had me at /cast Seduce.(Stoutlager)

I was going to summon my Succubus, but then I saw someone had already summoned you.(Stoutlager)

I’d Life Tap that.(Reddwarff)

Are you a warlock too? Because I’m being summoned into your pants. (Deathsguard)

Where do you want it. Demonic Circle or your Soulwell. (Shadowfuri)

I’m a naughty devil.

Health, isn’t the only thing I’m going to suck.

Dang girl you are wild, let me cast Enslave Demon before you go. (Aikou)

Hi, I collect children. (Madeyemoody)

Let’s get in bed and have some fun. Oh wait, you want the Imp to join us?(Peridim)

My Imp can phase in and out for extra pleasure.(Doomsummoner)

Trust me, I’ll Sacrifice anything for you. (Dadee)

Worry not my darling, I can summon wherever you are, whenever you want. (Dadee)

My love for you won’t die, it has my Soulstone. (Dadee)

Touch my void zone.

Is that a Soul Shard in your pocket or are just happy to see me? (Sombrah)

Want to see my Improved Imp? (Payyed)

Okay click it. Now click it again! Keep clicking until she comes! (Snowfox)

Tell me where your void zone is.

You are like the emberstorm in my heart. (Nahtzee)

He is Soulstoned. (Benjy)

Why yes, I am good at sucking things but what does that have to do with you? (Phaelia)

Your like a demon so lets Soul Link. (Aikou)

Oh? The Corruption and Afflictions? Don’t worry baby, once I Sacrifice this demon I’ll be protected.(Hydrium)

Hey babe. I have a raid ready to summon us back to my place. Want to enter my portal with me and see who comes first? (Minyin)

Want me to show you what the spell Unending Breath is really for. (Minyin)

You are Unending Breathtaking. (Redriding)

Come over here so I can devour that magic. (Nahtzee)

I am not specced into unholy power.

I want to Fel Dominate your face. (Lawldots)

You and I should make our own Dark Pact? (Kharnis)

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