Affliction Warlock Pick Up Lines

Affliction Warlock Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Affliction Warlock Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other warlock Pick Up LinesAfflictionDestruction and Demonology. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Let me plant my Seed of Corruption.

I swear those other men are running in terror because of my spells.(Phaelia)

Did you cast CoE on me? I cant resist you. (Semick)

Hey baby, I can corrupt you all day and all night.(Phaelia)

I want to make you Howl all night long. (Semick)

I’m your Seed of Corruption.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those noobs who will cast Seed of Corruption on you. (Ryuke)

I’ll show you what really makes my foes run in fear. (Dagoba)

Come feel my Seed of Corruption baby. (Nezzlol)

There’s nothing unstable about this Affliction (Norseforatwo)

My Curse will have you begging for mercy… And I wont stop.

if you wanna be feared or flee in terror, i’m your man (Muncel)

There’s nothing unstable about this Affliction. (Muncel)

Trust me, when it comes to my tongue, there’s no curse. (Kharnis)

You will feel the Curse of Weakness, when You and I kiss.

When you go, I feel the Curse of Agony.

Your so hot you give me Curse of Tongues. (Aikou)

You Corrupt me to the core.

You Torment me. I need your Soothing Kiss. (Redriding)

I’m Suffering from not being with you. (Redriding)

I will make you Howl of Terror.

You will Haunt my dreams. (Semick)

If you leave me when I am gone. I will haunt you.

I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re Haunting me. (Redriding)

Did you cast Unstable Affliction on me? Because I swear I can’t get rid of this thing I’m feeling for you. (Ryuke)

Just wait for Nightfall. (Semick)

I don’t need Suppression to hit that. (Muncel)

My spells aren’t the only thing that has grim reach.(Dagoba)

You have caused me a pandemic of love. (Nahtzee)

My dear, let’s just say that, like my spells, I too have a Grim Reach. (Kharnis)

No need for Curse of Exhaustion, you must already be exhausted from keeping running through my head. (Redriding)

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