Restoration Shaman Pick Up Lines

Restoration Shaman Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Restoration Shaman Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Shaman Pick Up LinesElementalEnhancement and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Your healing wave is making me wet.

Like my Riptide. I will splash with my jizz.

You’re gonna love my Tremor Totem… (Earthblood)

Come on baby stay here with me, this Riptide will keep us kicken’ all night. (Kanuka)

You make my Mana Totem spring all night. (Zealøt)

Your Riptide is pulling me under.

Diseases, no problem, I can cure ‘em. (Zantsu)

I forgot to cast Cure Disease. (Benno)

Don’t worry about your father’s blessing, we have nature’s blessing.

My Tremor Totem has opposite effects.

Again? Guess I can Reincarnate and keep going. (Castigate)

Baby, my Mana Totem keeps them going all night long.(Citadel)

I’m the only Tremor totem you’ll ever need.(Tessla)

Your Riptip is making me wet and pulling me under.

Glyph of Astra Recall. I’m ready to go, 8 times an hour. (Goatwaggle)

My heart Tremors for you.(Dragontooth)

Your Water Shield is making me wet. (Neelly)

There is more than one use for Tremor Totem. (Zalecot)

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