General Shaman Pick Up Lines

Shaman pick up lines

Here you will find General Shaman Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Shaman Pick Up LinesElementalEnhancement and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Hi. i’m a shaman. You’re awfully pretty. Allow me to take you to dinner and complain about my class for a few hours. (Ericcrow)

Would you like to see my fifth Totem.(Lotsogreen)

Want to touch my totem?(Dolaneth)

Want to multi-box?(Beastmodes)

What flavor of totem do you want?

I’m Draenei. I’m used to being blue balled. (Pirimus)

My Totem’s Ten Times the size of that paladins Hammer.(Tezzarial)

Stop beating on my totem pole.

I only drop my totems for you. (Zantsu)

That’s not my tail. I just tuck it back(Alliance Shammy only).(Urgas)

You must be as tall as the totem to ride this ride.(Eiada)

Did you just touch me with your telephone pole? (Zionys)

Is that a totem in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. (Murderdog)

My totems might only last 5 minutes, but I can go all night. (Karnei)

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