Enhancement Shaman Pick Up Lines

Enhancement shaman pick up lines

Here you will find Enhancement Shaman Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Shaman Pick Up LinesElementalEnhancement and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I’m spec’d Enhancement for HER pleasure.(Yanel)

I’m specialized in Enhancement for you. (Starve)

Want to experience my Flametongue? (Brominoshroo)

I can give you the Flametongue. (Esoda)

Ghost Wolf forms means we can do it Doggie style. (Fathertroll)

Mind if my wolves jump in?(Zasi)

*Ghostwolf* You ever tried it doggy style? (Renzokuken)

Mind if my wolves watch? (Syniris)

My spec is the only “enhancement” I need. (Karnei)

Come on baby aren’t you in the mood? Oh, it’s that time of the month? Don’t worry, I’ve got Bloodlust. (Lowbierusher)

Shaman’s have Bloodlust for increased size and speed. (Gypped)

With Bloodlust I can finish the encounter 30% faster so we have more time to watch t.v. (Garwood)

Is that a Sentry Totem in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?(Kontra)

My Sentry Totem will watch for your husband. (Zantsu)

I’ll be your Hero(ism). (Noralith)

We’d better make sure you’re in my group before I pop Heroism. Unless you’re freaky like that.(Noralith)

After the completion of this evening, those affected will become Sated and unable to benefit from Bloodlust again for 10 min. (Castigate)

My Sentry Totem told me that you were trouble when it saw you coming. (Karnei)

I pop heroism in bed.

Every drop of my Blood Lusts for you.(Dragontooth)

My Lightening Shield is down.

What are you looking at? Thats right, my Stoneclaw Totem is taunting you isn’t it. Go ahead, touch it, you’ll be stunned by what it can do. (Lived)

I’m going to Stormstrike all over your face and Windfury your booty. yaya(Axanon)

It’s a good thing I have my Fire Resistance Totem up, because you’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! (Renzokuken)

If you like it fast I’ll use Windfury. If you like it rough I’ll use Stoneskin. If you like both well… Just be glad I can lay down four totems. (Taracom)

At first Farsight, I thought you were a Fire Elemental, because your so hot. (Xulkar)

I’ll give you the time of your life, for 40 seconds, every 10 minutes. (Tethron)

Don’t worry baby, I’m like a god for 45 seconds. (Divot)

My shamanistic rage has only a 1 minute cooldown… next patch. (Jovarian)

Do you believe in love at first Farsight?

My flame Tongue will leave you burning for more.

Do me ghost wolf style.

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