Elemental Shaman Pick Up Lines

elemental shaman pick up lines

Here you will find Elemental Shaman Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Shaman Pick Up LinesElementalEnhancement and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Ever been struck by lighting where the sun don’t shine?(Cappn)

If you don’t come back to my place with me I’m going to Thunder you off this god damn cliff. (Lazerfinger)

I’d shoot you with my Lightning Bolt and proc Clearcasting all night long.(Triskadeka)

my Thunderstorm knocks all the ladies around me off their feet. (Slashwaggle)

Your the reason why, my Fire Nova Totem explodes.

I don’t need my Earth Binding Totem to keep you around.

You get me so excited I’m going to Lava Burst. (Liquidlarry)

I don’t need my Earth Binding Totem to keep you around.
My love runs deep for you, like my Searing Totem.

I’ll show you why is known as a ‘Stoneclaw totem.’ (Xulkar)

Who else do you know that brings their own mood lighting? (Zantsu)

Lightning overload effects my navy too you know.(Tazzarty)

If you don’t say yes. I’ll drop an Earthbind Totem, Frost Shock you, and take it anyways. (Moheallz)

You’re so down to Earth, I’m Shocked(Dragontooth)

I am the most shocking thing on Earth.

You like pets? Nice! I’d show you mine but they’re currently on cooldown. How long? 19 more minutes. *19 minutes later* This is my pet but stand back. I don’t have any control over him. (Tethron)

That burning sensation will go away in 12 seconds. (Zantsu)

I took one look at you and my Overload went off. (Catasrophy)

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