Subtly Rogue Pick Up Lines

Subtlety Rouge Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Subtly Rogue Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other rogue Pick Up LinesAssassinationCombat and Subtly. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

No woman can dodge my surprise attacks. (Misaow)

I [CENSORSHIP] and Vanish.(Delrus)

Sapped players can’t stop me from FoKing them. (Shadypoke)

I want to pick your lock.

/sap (Sallad)

Who talks? You’re a rogue. You sap it, you tap it, you get out of there.(Kaganfindel)

Who needs a pickup line? Sapped girls can’t say no.(Astramalech)

I won’t have to Sap you to keep you from running. (Kahzl)

I’ve got Subtle hands.(Sarox)

Sap ‘n’ fap.(Sindety)

I know the Tricks of the Trade. (Apostrophes)

Love is Blind. (Apostrophes)

Your beauty just Blinded me. (Kalyde)

Sapped men can’t say no. (Hycine)

/sap *ahem* so there pretty lady. Come here often?(Nazghuul)

ifyouwannagetsappedsaywhat? (Ðeathfang)

*talking to sapped person* Hey, want to come over to my place? Great, I’ll get the car. (Roslinn)

Don’t take it personally if I vanish after I FoK you. (Lunasea)

I thought I was supposed to be the [Distract]ing one, but you seem to be the one turning heads here. (Jkommie)

I may be sneaky, but you were the one that snuck into my heart. (Jkommie)

I am going to Dismantle your trap with my fingers.

I detect your traps and see you are out to get me.

You’ll never see me coming.(Palehoof)

I’m sorry, I just picked your pockets and couldn’t help but notice that there was a break up note from your boyfriend. Wanna talk about it over a cup of thistle tea? (Jadedejah)

Your feet must be tired because you’ve been Stealthing through my mind all night. (Barudok)

You can say I Sapped you in the morning. (Herffjones)

I don’t need to Vanish when I’m with you. (Herffjones)

Only you can pick the lock to my heart. (Herffjones)

I’d like to pick your pocket.(Viscéra)

I don’t need to a key to your heart.

You can’t see me, but you will feel me.

Is that a Hemorage or is it that time of the month again?(Fatalidad)

I am not a Master of Deception. I am also a master of something else…

You ever done the Shadow Dance? My Sleight of Hand keeps those dirty tricks fresh and new.(Kuugg)

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