General Rogue Pick Up Lines

Rogue Pick Up Lines

Here you will find General Rogue Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other rogue Pick Up LinesAssassinationCombat and Subtly. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

You must be a Rogue because I was stunned when I first saw you. (Peewpeew)

Wow, you look stunning tonight. (Xaïn)

I’ll let you look at it but it is main hand only. (Toffletrig)

Haven’t you seen me before?’ (Slayr)

Turn around baby, I burst better from behind. (Ganksrus)

I’m good at using my dagger from behind.(Rajaro)

Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?(Steelgear)

What do you say we sneak out of here and practice some filthy tricks?(Coffeebean)

I have a dagger, don’t worry I used poison. Poison that does things. (Sylade)

Mind if I steal a kiss?(Sarox)

Poison aren’t the only thing I have that is potent.(Sarox)

I put the std in stud. (Söze)

What ever you do don’t bend over.

I don’t need to stun lock you to keep you from running.

Yes, that is my dagger poking you in the back.(Morely)

Get in the car I’ve got a knife. Two actually.(Neverblade)

I like to play in the shadows.

You make my Mongoose proc when I crit you from behind. (Daedulus)

You don’t need pickup lines when you can stunlock!(Girlscout)

Sometimes I’m a subtle rogue, sometime’s I’m an ass rogue, but baby, there won’t ever be a dull moment when you’re with me. (Jkommie)

Can I buy you a glass of [Mind Numbing Poison]? (Jkommie)

Would you help my apply this Anesthetic Poison to my Golden Saronite Dragon?(Udoril)

Wanna see what you can do while stunned? (Judgedred)

I got the opener, the advantage is mine!(Fionaigin)

I lost that duel because I was distracted by your beauty. (Fastfire)

Just tell me where you want my dagger.

I’m not very good at buffing myself. Will you help? (Vgodsendv)

I might be the thief, but you stole my breath away. (Ericcrow)

Wait till you see my two-handed weapon.(Xugeor)

Blood Boil gets me everytime. (Strychnia)

I have a dagger in my pants and I know how to use it.(Merrkey)

Are you STUNNED to See ME!(Zish)

I ninja’d your heart (Symphonic)

Get in the van, I have candy. (Førgøtten)

Wait till you see what my combo points can do in the bed room.

You can’t see me, but you will feel me.

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