Combat Rogue Pick Up Lines

Combat Rogue Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Combat Rogue Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other rogue Pick Up LinesAssassinationCombat and Subtly. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I want to FoK you.(Sylios)

/evisceraape (Maarz)

Let me teach you how to FoK. (Wutenddolch)

I can’t wait to pop Adrenaline Rush later tonight. (Herffjones)

Can I FoK you?(Synge)

The thought of not seeing you again made me want to Gouge out my eyes. (Kalyde)

I won’t use feint I want you on me.

Are you a Fan of Knives? (Peonmerkelly)

The way you look makes me want to Feint. (Herffjones)

You wanna play “Closed-Quarters” Combat??(Symphonic)

Is that a fan of knives in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?(Dayfury)

I always have extra energy.

You make my Adrenaline Rush.

Turn around bady I FoK better from behind.

I’ll gladly spec for Vigor and glyph it for you. (Plo)

I can go all night, I’m specced for Adrenaline Rush and Vitality.( Chowmaine)

When I’m with you my Energy is always Capped. (Herffjones)

Glyph your Adrenaline Rush baby, and FoK me harder, and faster. (Sveene)

When Endurance is called for, I have it. When I need to be at a Sprint, I can do so. When I see the look in your eyes, I am stunned.(Sarox)

I’ve got quite a bit of Endurance if you catch my drift. (Kalyde)

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