Assassination Rogue Pick Up Lines

Assassination Rouge Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Assassination Rogue Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other rogue Pick Up LinesAssassinationCombat and Subtly. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I’m spec deep ass with fists (Misaow)

Before we get to bussiness girl. Let me tell you. I’m very wild and may Ambush that pussy. When you don’t notice. (Mollywhopped)

I can’t dismantle this bra!!!

Can I Backstab your ass? (Seriouslol)

I specced improved fists for better FoKing while deep in ass. (Deathelis)

Let me help you Dismantle. (Apostrophes)

Whats your Backstab bound to. Mine is bound to you.(Wutenddolch)

Anal [Rupture] (Psychøpath)

Turn around, I can only Ambush from behind.

Can I Expose your Armor?(Valcoria)

Let me get behind so I can Ambush you.(Rajaro)

I’m specced deep in ass. (Mystoksor)

I love to Sap and Ambush the ladies.(Devax)

Ever been with a fist spec’d rogue before?(Riel)

When I don’t see you, I feel a Rupture in my heart. (Herffjones)

When I saw you it felt like you Ambushed my heart (Zarku)

I got Tricks of the Trade to make you Rupture.(Rajaro)

You’re wearing too much plate, expose that armor a little bit.(Rajaro)

I am the best boyfriend ever, I won’t sneak around behind your back, backstab you or distract you from your duties and I am honest. I will never evade you!(Fatalidad)

You’re the reason I still use Expose Armor.(Jamesblonde)

I want to Mutilate your insides baby. (Xerro)

Hey baby, forget foreplay, let’s Cut to the Chase!(Theownt)

I am known for puncturing wounds.

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