Shadow Priest Pick Up Lines

Shadow Priest Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Shadow Priest Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other priest Pick Up LinesDisciplineHoly and Shadow. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Silence don’t say a word. I got everything taken care of.

Am I falling for you or are you Mind Controlling me off a cliff?

I’ll Mind Flay you out of this world.(Lawladin)

You just made my Mind Flay.(Uthark)

You blast my mind.

ah ah ah..shhh…/mind control(Fila)

Hey cutie, ever heard of a Mind Flay show?(Mufin)

Shadowfiend? That’s an awfully big word for a 10 year old!(Sporebacca)

Shadow damage isn’t the only thing that gets increased in Shadowform.(Chutes)

I’d Spirit Tap that.(Miryal)

I’m going to make you Psychic Scream baby. (Ódin)

Don’t worry, that’s just my Power Word: Pain kickin’ in.(Darkins)

My Devouring Plague couldn’t keep you from looking good! (Namfuak)

My Vampric Embrace is nothing compared to my Vampric Touch.(Namfuak)

Do you consider Mind Control non-consentiual? (Urgas)

I promise I won’t Disperse. (Superstone)

I cast a spell on you. Now your Mine. /mind control

Who needs Fear Ward? Psychic Horror just makes it that much more intense. (Petchix)

Every time I see you, I Vampric Touch myself.

If I had a useless 51 point talent for everytime I saw someone as pretty as you, I’d have dispersion. (Okafor)

I’m a bad girl with my Shadow Affinity. (Petchix)

You and me baby, and your mind will be blasted. (Koojack)

You want see my Vampiric Touch. (Axiz)

I’ll promise not to Psychic Scream as long you don’t cause me any Pain and Suffering. (Ricò)

I’m so naughty both my dual specs are shadow. (Websterklok)

My Devouring Plague doesn’t have a cooldown. If you know what I mean? (Websterklok)

Let me Spirit Tap that.(Fantacy)

No man can Mind Blast you like I can! (Fantacy)

I want to play in the Darkness. (Annizatsa)

You can take a look under my veild shadows. (Axiz)

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