Holy Priest Pick Up Lines

Holy Priest Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Holy Priest Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other priest Pick Up LinesDisciplineHoly and Shadow. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Click on my Light Well.(Icanhazheal)

I know the deep secrets in Holy.

Let me stoke out your holy fire.

How deep is your Lightwell? (Sylarian)

Let’s heal both our souls together through Binding Heal.(Kalganized)

Tired? Let me Renew your vigor! (Kalganized)

You make me want to Holy Concentration in my pants.

We can go all night long till we both Surge of Light.(Lawladin)

I just Smite be in love wit you. (Greybeck)

I’m here to give you some Inspiration. (Thurokiir)

Lets get together and make a Divine Hymn. (Nathelyn)

I am singing a Hymn of Hope. You’ll be mine, body and soul. (Nathelyn)

Thirsty? Why dont you sip on my, Lightwell. (Axiz)

I’ll be your Gaurdian Spirit. (Axiz)

Don’t worry, be rough. I can always use Renew. (Websterklok)

You and me are in need of a Desperate Prayer (Praise)

Hush. We call it a Circle of Healing. (Petchix)

You know everyones got an angel for when they die, you want me to be yours ^_~ (Axiz)

Visit my temple any time you want! (Axiz)

*Looks at clothing tag* Yep, just what I thought, Guardian Spirit.(Lawladin)

Stop LoSing my Desperate Prayers! (Detroyt)

Would you like to feel my Surge of Light? (Petchix)

Rubber? What Rubber? I have Cure Disease!(Fantacy)

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