General Priest Pick Up Lines

Priest Pick Up Lines

Here you will find General Priest Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other priest Pick Up LinesDisciplineHoly and Shadow. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Did you just cast Power Word: Bulge on me? (Goldensnitch)

Hey I was nerfed, but I’m decent now. (Alleyi)

I am a priestitute.(Aroused)

Can I invite you to a 1 on 1 service tonight, where I can guarantee you will be calling on God all night. (Ihearvoices)

We don’t need Protection, I have abolish pregnancy. (Pastulio)

Would you like to see my Staff? It has a knob on the end you know. (Ihearvoices)

I’m a fallen angel! Good thing I landed in your lap. (Tythe)

That skirt is epic, what does it take to make it drop?(Tinpot)

Us male Priests wear Robes because pants can not contain what we’re carrying. (Ihearvoices)

Now that I’m in your pocket what ELSE would you like me to heal? (Oconna)

You’re in need of some sexual healing.(Aurex)

I have some ice cream and puppies in my van. (Fishsmell)

Hi, I’m a healer(Snowfox)

Hi, I’ve got a tank and I just love protecting healers.(Snowfox)

That’s not all I’m healing.(Deysong)

Lets go out somewhere, you wear your prettiest dress and I’ll wear mine.(Baneus)

I can get hit by big swords for hours, and still have enough stamina to finish the deal.(Haggle)

I’m a monk. Come near.(Sylade)

See you at Children’s Week young man.(Benjy)

Hi, I’m an 11 year old boy.(Defamation)

I will heal you only if you tank my pants off.

I don’t play by the book. Lets go

I’m here to fill all the needs of your mind, Body and Soul. (Thurokiir)

Can I get a heal? I just took damage falling for you. (Okafor)

Do like I do in pvp, and hump my pole. (Koojack)

How long since your last confession my son?(Jamboro)

I go down in 3 seconds. (Amarali)

Visit my temple any time you want! (Axiz)

Want to see a cool spell? I call it Power Touch: Pleasure. (Verrotigus)

I can keep my tanks up all night(Maladie)

Hi, young man. Pray here often? (Basalt)

I tried to cast Power Word: Sexy on you, but a more powerful spell was already active. (Othellus)

Since I’m gimped in doing some real damage. Do you mind if I bring a friend? (Koojack)

You have my Body and Soul. (Annizatsa)

We are (Focused) Will and Grace. (Annizatsa)

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