Discipline Priest Pick Up Lines

Discipline Priest Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Discipline Priest Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other priest Pick Up LinesDisciplineHoly and Shadow. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

You want to see my Improved Wand? (Wresst)

Want to see my large Penance? (Mikepp)

Don’t worry baby, I have improved Power Word: Shield. (Stoutlager)

That’s not a rocket in my pocket that’s my Sacred Candle. (Lovedoctor)

I specced into Improved Power Word: Fortitude.(Skizzers)

My Penance will keep you tanking all night long. (Icanhazheal)

I know it may hurt baby but I got Pain Suppression.(Lawladin)

My Penance has a 30 yard range. (Drondorno)

You light my Inner Fire.(Tiapriestess)

Lite my scared candle.

My inner fire will guide you through the night.

You can drain my man’a any day. (Koojack)

You have been a bad boy, I have some Pain and Suffering for you. (Taheraliel)

Want to know how Reflective Shield feels? (Petchix)

Your Inner Fire is my Inspiration. (Nathelyn)

My Penance got nerfed. Will you buff it for me? (Okafor)

I have Pain Suppresion. Don’t worry, it only seems kinky the first time. (Galaphìle)

32 charges of Inner Fire won’t be nearly enough to protect me from all bumping and grinding we’ll be doing.(Bringhurst)

I’m so good I can make you float on thin air. (Koojack)

Ever done it Levitating?(Iolanthe)

Don’t worry, I got Power Word: Shield on my third leg.(Kalganized)

You make me Levitae without the glyph. (Websterklok)

P.S. Rapture is a special talent of mine, I don’t really need a pick up line. (Ogrichagain)

You can just call me bubbles. (Axiz)

I got bubbles for protection and Cure Disease just in case. (Superstone)

Come in to my dungeon and use Penance on me. I’ve been a bad, bad boy. (Medmal)

Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a alot. I have Pain Suppresion(Vrez)

Better put your Inner Fire up, because I’m going to be hitting that all night.(Toxin)

You heat up my Inner fire.(Maladie)

Your Inner Fire is going to need way more than 32 charges.

Why don’t we Dispel these clothes? (Maladie)

We are (Focused) Will and Grace. (Annizatsa)

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