Retribution Paladin Pick Up Lines

Retribution Paladin Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Retrubution Paladin Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Paladin Pick Up LinesHolyProtection and Retrubution. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Without you I’m lost in a [Divine Storm]. (Scryy)

My Seal of Command is a 70% chance to score.(Loeonx)

There is no bad retribution for hitting on me… unless you want some.

I shall judge my Command on you!(Kalganized)

Let me bless you with my Might. (Ginny)

I want to Righteous Fury your butt hole.

Hey darlin’, why don’t you come to my place and see why they call me the ‘Divine Storm’. (Valentear)

Hey babe wanna see my Divine Storm! (Gnomepounder)

Will you have my RETBABY?(Holiwrath)

You’ve got me so excited I could BURST!(Billygoat)

Let me sweep you off your feet in a Divine Storm. (Luketemplar)

Want to find out why my nick name is Righteous Fury? (Xacreus)

I saw you inspecting my gear and I have to tell you my mace isn’t the only 2-hander I have.(Kebran)

My bar isn’t very long, but I can burst all night long. (Ariesx)

I’m all about the pursuit of just us! (Imtoogodly)

Don’t try and run babe… I have Pursuit of Justice… I’ll find you! (Hymns)

Let me put my Hand of Reckoning in your Sheath of Light. (Danaohara)

I have been bad… Repentance me now.

Repentanced girls can’t say no. (Ardevari)

It is Judgement time so show me your BOD. (Gankadin)

One way or another your going to see my Hammer of Wrath and you’ll be in Holy Shock, because baby this is going to be a Divine Storm. (Riktir)

I don’t need my Seal of Command, to have my way with you.

Aw come on baby. All your friends think it is the Hammer of Righteousness!(Niin)

If you feel really naughty, I’ll even show you my Hammer of Wrath. (Dayraven)

Is that a Hammer of Righteousness in your pants or are you just happy to see me? (Renault)

My instant attacks are on short cool downs! (Mistreseliza)

You want to see my Convection for you?(Luxivan)

Through me, you’ll gain Redemption. (Nathelyn)

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