Protection Paladin Pick Up Lines

Protection Paladin Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Protection Paladin Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Paladin Pick Up LinesHolyProtection and Retrubution. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Why do protection paladins love holy paladins? Because they always stand behind us and fill us up. (Dekkar)

If you’re lucky, I’ll show you my Hammer of Justice. (Dayraven)

Don’t worry, I always keep my “Hand of Protection” on me. (Dayraven)

Don’t worry about those STD’s tonight baby, I got Hand of Protection.(Holiwrath)

Come on baby, I got Blessing of Protection.(Marlene)

Don’t worry baby, I’ll use Hand of Protection. (Cydonia)

BoK makes EVERY stat bigger. (Ginny)

Crap, my zipper is stuck. Want to cast HoF on my pants? (Ginny)

BoP it before you bop it.

You are the first one I would DI.

You say you have a significant other? No problem I’ll give you the Blessing of Freedom. (Hornigurl)

Don’t worry baby, I’ve got Divine protection. (Subtotal)

No one can hear you scream in a Divine Intervention. (Thekk)

You’ll really enjoy my Hand of Freedom. (Nathelyn)

No silly my BoP won’t prevent STD’s (sexually transmitted DoTs). (Xacreus)

No worry’s, I have blessings of protection, 10 seconds is all I need. (Unholyheaven)

My Stamina also increases my attack power, baby. (Awnaw)

I would DI for you.(Unsub)

When they talk about my bubble, they don’t mean Divine Shield. (Iostu)

Don’t worry – I can BoP out of bleeds.(Iostu)

You are so stunning I had to Freedom myself out of it. (Gankadin)

My BoP is on cool down so I guess we aren’t using protection.(Gankadin)

Hey baby, I got Improved Devotion to you I don’t even look up while tanking Maiden. (Kandiltu)

My bar is long. I’m strong and my stamina is stacked. (Meccalecahi)

What do you say I DI your hubby and then you get to work bringing me back to life with that mouth of yours?(Nerenth)

Come on a Crusade with me, it is your Sacred Duty, I’ll let you ride my Sheath of Light, so you can reach Spiritual Attunement.(Noobi)

It is my Sacred Duty to please that booty. (Aspashia)

Don’t worry baby, it’s my Sacred Duty. (Cromer)

My Divine Protection will keep my Beacon of Light from penetrating your Bubble. (Xacreus)

Do not Hand of Reckoning me like that.

Hit me, baby, and I’ll proc Reckoning for you. (Dratien)

BoP it before you pop it. (Raspit)

Want to get hammered by justice? (Oflannagan)

Let me touch you with my Hand of Salvation. (Dekkar)

I’d like to touch you with my “Hand of Salvation.” (Dayraven)

My holy Shield will stop it all, we don’t need a condom. If that fails I’ll bubble it all in. (Tinyfan)

Don’t make me use my Hand of Salvation. (Subtotal)

Don’t worry, I won’t Bubble hearth and leave you. (Tinyfan)

I am going to BoP you.

You know… There’s enough room in this bubble for two people if they pressed up against each other. (Emar)

Baby, you’ve just aggro’d my bubbleHEART. (Pyrea)

The way you pop my bubble just makes me want to get close to you. (Ivoire)

One bubble and I’m ready to go again.(Harziel)

No one will hear us inside my bubble.

WTF Bubble Hearth.(Dayraven)

Why don’t we bubble hearth back to my place?(Dhan)

Bubble Hearth here often? (Rihard)

You’ve heard of the Hand of Salvation, but what about the Tongue of Salvation?(Kyura)

(Pally talking to a Priest in BC) – Come on baby, you know you love taking my Salvation! (Nerenth)

(Pally talking to a Druid) – I have to Justice just to keep up, you kink! (Nerenth)

If sap girls can’t say “NO” then HoJ is 6 secs of WHATEVER I WANT. (Brotherleroy)

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