Holy Paladin Pick Up Lines

Holy Paladin Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Holy Paladin Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Paladin Pick Up LinesHolyProtection and Retrubution. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

Hey baby, want to see my Beacon of Light?(Vanyil)

Oh god, I’m going to Consencrate. (Valetti)

I go deep into holy.(Raspit)

My dirty heal wants to go inside of you. (Grreyson)

How bout we hearth back to my place and I Lay My Hands on you?(Kalloused)

I’d like to lay my hands on you.(Marble)

Is it your Seal of Blood time of the month or is it all good down there?(Gankadin)

They always come back for the Holy Shocker.(Breadspec)

I Exorcised your mom. (Imtoogodly)

How about I Hand of Freedom you out of those pants and Purify you with my tongue? (Yourfriend)

You don’t need to heal to keep me up. (Gnomepounder)

Relax, lie down and enjoy the Flash of Light. (Rezzark)

I can go all night without running out of mana!(Slainidh)

I would love to Cleanse your Seal of Blood. (Mezzo)

You just broke my Seal of Blood!(Kalganized)

Would you like to see my Beacon of Light? (Luketemplar)

Let’s Consecrate our union right here. (Luketemplar)

You ready for a Holy Shock? (Mezzo)

Ahh, Damn it. I didn’t mean to Consecrate all over you… Or the floor and walls… Or those Trolls on the side, and the rogue trying to watch… (Brotherleroy)

I can Cleanse you of Swine Flu. (ritorious)

You must be Beaconed because all my lovin’s going to you(Harziel)

I can handle both of you at the same time, cause I’m holy specced.(Harziel)

I’ll show you my Holy Power because my judgments will cover your face.(Glupan)

Please just let me lay on hands.

Don’t make me Divine Plea.

While your down, I’ll be Resurrecting something in a minute.(Winstan)

Every time I see you I Consecrate in my pants.

Hey ladies, I’m proficient in dealing with multiple targets. How about you hop in my Consecrate?(Kandiltu)

My bar is long. My intellect is stacked and my regen keeps me going all night long. (Meccalecahi)

Lets get past all the boring stuff. I’m shallow, your hot, I can Cure Disease and I come with built in protection. (Snipeyx)

Let’s have a threesome. I’ll beacon one of you. (Airbag)

Behold…Ladies…*zip*…The Beacon of Light. (Sethorian)

Can you do me a divine favor?

It is your Sacred Duty to give me a Divine Favor while I give you The Holy Shocker. (Kezmaefele)

How about some Infusion of Light baby. (Cromer)

When I was little I was Touched by the Light, now it’s your turn!(Albiorix)

Let me break your Seal of Blood. (Danath)

Some people call it One-Handed Weapon Specialization, others Blessed Hand and the five pope’s, its also known as Sacred Cleansing, but by my Reckoning doing it alone isn’t as fun as if you did me Divine Favour and created a Divine Storm with me(Noobi)

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