General Paladin Pick Up Lines

Paladin Pick Up Lines

Here you will find General Paladin Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Paladin Pick Up LinesHolyProtection and Retrubution. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

My divine purpose is to please you.

I have a libram of the Kama Sutra.

Whats all this stuff about the light? I do it in the dark!

14/F/Pally (Falkrist)

Celibacy is for priests. (Serphius)

Oh snap, I can’t afford to repair all this armor, off it goes!(Sunsets)

Is that a hammer in your pocket or a raging erection?(Evilszandor)

I’m into anything. Just try me. I won’t judge you.(Dazrel)

Hey baby, I can do it all.(Ironblade)

Let me be your sledgehammer.(Sarox)

I’ve got an open missionary position for a Leggy Blonde or Prot Specced Brunette. Please apply in the rear. (Lepetomaine)

Opens Libram* Let me just seal you in for 30 minutes. (Pyrea)

Do you feel it? And that just my aura.

Take these divine hands and put them down your pants.

Is that an Oathkeeper in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?(Sanguinar)

I’ll stand still you’re much more mobile. (Gnomepounder)

You don’t have to worry about me running out of stamina. I only know how to auto-attack. (Silvertears)

Don’t let the stereotypes fool you, I am a bad boy.

My plate skirt will give you easy access. (Fenrier)

Damn girl your so hot I think I can’t control myself… OMG I’m gonna burst!!! (Brotherleroy)

You have been bad girl…justice time.

Everyone knows we don’t need pick-up lines, every good paladin knows how to use his hands. (Rajal)

My shlong is like Armageddon and it will make you make the Bloodlust sound.(Gankadin)

I have a level 12 paladin, so… what you doing later?(Noobi)

Hold up just a sec… I still have Forbearance debuff on me.

Hang on babe, let me write your number in my lil’ Black Libram…you know it increases my Stamina by 75%. (Sethorian)

Long ago my blessings only lasted 5 mins, now I can go for 30. (Pallyona)

I’m the yellow power ranger. (Zayfen)

(Holy Pally talking to a Rogue) “Your armor pen and ‘Do It From Behind’ attitude is right up my backalley! Now help me out of my dress.(Nerenth)

Okay, look… I know my mana bar is pretty small, but damn do I have longevity! That’s what counts, right?(Vonu)

Are you Ghostcrawler? Cause You’re not answering my question.(Ariesx)

Yeah I see you eyeballing my Mount. No worries, It’s free. (Brotherleroy)

That bitch was so ugly, I had to Repent and Run.(Dayraven)

Look at my cod piece, isn’t it rad?!(Omegathree)

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