General Mage Pick Up Lines

Mage Pick Up Lines

Here you will find General Mage Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Mage Pick Up LinesArcaneFire and Frost. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I’m going splooge all of my mana on your face at the climax of the encounter. (Randymarrsh)

Arcane, Frost, Fire, or Frost Fire Blast… hold still!

My class representation is awful and I’m borderline suicidal. Wanna #@*@? (Riece)

Do you feel the magic?

Want to see my epic wand?(Xyykon)

Men in dresses aren’t ALL that bad. (Thrini)

Mages do it in a burst, but warlocks know how to do it over time.(Staggerot)

I can’t sustain on long encounters, but I can burn myself out pretty fast if you want. (Stupefy)

Do you believe in magic? Because I can make clothes disappear.(Frostbolte)

You know, my magical hat isn’t the only thing that’s pointed.(Kitsindorei)

I hope you find crying and whining sexy because I’m really good at it.(Viscéra)

This old hog? My other mount is a huge floating city.(Chanah)

Ok, stay still… I need a few seconds to get this off. (Magjesty)

Sorry babe, but I’m only good for a one-shot.(Amolen)

GC says were fine and damn girl so are you.(Frostvein)

With my 4 piece set bonus, I can go two or more times in a row. (Gumybear)

You’re heart will never be shattered as all I have to do is Blink and even the Enduring Winter will never dampen our Burning Soul. (Revlon)

I’m not affected by Diminishing Returns. (Gothos)

I’d Shatter that. (Nighttempest)

General Mage Wow Pick Up Lines
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