Frost Mage Pick Up Lines

Frost Mage Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Frost Mage Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Mage Pick Up LinesArcaneFire and Frost. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

You must have deep frost spec, because you’ve got me stunned 36 yards away! (Watermasta)

Don’t worry baby, I’ve got protection. I’ve specced Ice Barrier. (Watermasta)

My Ice Lance has a 30 yard range. (Yunael)

Obligatory “Frost Mages have the biggest CoCs.” (Tired)

I’m specced for big CoC. (Nighttempest)

Here is my CoC, careful not to get a brainfreeze! (Kinnslayer)

Damn your HOT! Its just lucky I have Icy Veins to keep things under control. (Kinnslayer)

Where did this Water elemental come from? You must be really wet.

Just because I am specced Ice doesnt mean I can’t lite your fire.

Your so hot you make my Hypothermia go away. (Icerat)

I’m sorry if I Frostbolted you in the face babe. (Thesephiroth)

I just went to the trainer and got my CoC improved. Want to see? (Thrini)

You can hit me, but be gentle, my Iceblock’s on cooldown. (Thrini)

Let me blizzard all over you.(Xyykon)

That is not a water elemental. I’m just really wet.

What are you doing here I thought you melted! (Xaevier)

Deep Frozen girls can’t say no. Bring PAM.(Fry)

When you go, I cry a water elemental.

I may have fingers of frost, but I make up for it with precision. (Chanah)

My lance works a lot better on targets of higher level than me. (Theception)

I’m fully speced for maximum CoC performance! (Daren)

I’d Endure all Winter with you if you gave me the chance. (Thebullpun)

Do you want someone hot and unpredictable or cold and into grinding as many mobs as possible? (Magjesty)

I’d endure all through winter, suffer the permafrost on my skin, endless barrages of ice shards from the improved blizzards and be chilled to the bone if only I could conjure you a drink. (Daren)

35% more CoC. (Nekhronos)

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