Fire Mage Pick Up Lines

Fire Mage Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Fire Mage Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Mage Pick Up LinesArcaneFire and Frost. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I’ve got more flaming red balls where that one came from.(Satori)

My fireball isn’t the only thing burning between us.

I’m specced into Burning Determination so you can’t stop me from screaming. (Nighttempest)

You make my Blast Wave lose its cooldown. (Icerat)

Baby you make want to spec fire.(Icerat)

I must be casting Fireballs because i’m on a hot streak.(Etherealone)

I don’t need to cast a fire spell to Ignite your fire.

You know, Ignite ticks aren’t the only thing I can munch.(Chanah)

Did you cast Dragon’s Breath? Because I’m stunned. (Thestranger)

You are as cold as Ice, but I got the heat to warm you up.

Don’t worry, I wont Ignite your insides when I crit.

Come on baby, Ignite my fire. (Thebullpun)

Are you Deep Fire? Because I reached Critical Mass just looking at you. (Thebullpun)

Treat me right and I’ll give you some Fiery Payback. (Thebullpun)

Hey babe, want to play with fire? (Chanah)

Want a mint? Because you got some killer Dragon Breath. (Crossbones)

Did you feel my Blastwave on your stomach? (Elfalicious)

It’s going to burn for a little while. (Magjesty)

Baby, I’m fire specced and I couldn’t make you any hotter. (Magjesty)

Your Ice floes over my Improved CoC feels amazing, but you can do better with a bit more Missile Barrage.(Revlon)

Does playing with fire excite you? (Magjesty)

Your hot, and I’m fire spec. They say opposites attract, good thing I’ve dual spec.(Frostìtute)

Is it hot in here or is it… well, do you want me to make it hot in here?(Horobi)

Do you want it Slow or with Blazing Speed? (Demilinde)

You must be a Living Bomb because you just blew me away! (Thebullpun)

I’d crit your Critical Mass. (Nighttempest)

My Combustion lets me crit 3 times. (Watermasta)

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