Arcane Mage Pick Up Lines

Arcane Mage Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Arcane Mage Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Mage Pick Up LinesArcaneFire and Frost. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I want to Arcane Explode inside of you.

Are you sure you’re not a sheep, because damn you’re sexy. (Gothos)

I’ll get us some drinks /conjure rooficyl.(Thestranger)

You make my Arcane Blast stack more than 3 times. (Icerat)

How about I give you this gem and we go back to my place. Don’t worry it’s got 3 charges. (Icerat)

I cast Invisible when I saw you and your boyfriend walking over here, so technically that was a three way. (Thestranger)

I noticed you had me targeted from across the room, so I blinked over here to conjure you a drink. (Allesana)

Does this water taste like Rohypnol to you?

WAIT WAIT I can keep going, my evocate cooldown is almost done. (Thestranger)

I can’t become invisible, but I can make somethings dissapear. (Thestranger)

I get turned on by guys with a Burning Determination as my heart is like a frozen core but only YOU can melt it.(Revlon)

I cast Slow on myself just for you, babe.

Before we get started, can I turn you into a sheep? (Thrini)

Think you can penetrate my Mana Shield? (Thrini)

Did you cast a Silence, because you take my breath away.(Etherealone)

I can cast Polymorph if your into that sort of thing. (Xyykon)

Don’t worry. When you fall for me. I will cast slow fall.

/cast Mirror Image…Hey ladies. (Kraidius)

You know, if you wanna try something new, I can instantly have three more guys who look like me show up.(Thestranger)

I won’t blink. (Sylade)

Shall I conjure you a romantic dinner? (Haerle)

So I heard you had a thing for barnyard animals.(Iolgnomemage)

Need a port?(Khelthenis)

/cast polymorph(Varlok)

I’ll be done faster than you can Blink. (Sarm)

Can I conjure you a drink? (Kaevek)

You can run and you can blink, but you can’t hide.

Was that a Blink or a Wink?

I am extra sensitive when I Evocate.

I have it in Presence of Mind to conjure you a drink. (Thebullpun)

Hi, i can make food and water. (Touchofury)

Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we sheep each other and pretend we’re on the Discovery channel? (Stuffs)

Can I learn your portal? (Smeezy)

Hey sexy, I will take it slow so I can Focus Magic in the bedroom because once I Ignite your fire all I’ll need is the Icy Veins in my CoC to leave you chilled to the bone.(Nôthingface)

You know what they say about Arcane Potency baby. (Gothos)

You are my precious mana gem. (Daren)

I bet you haven’t seen anything like this babe, thanks to my Arcane Stability.(Daren)

You need water to replenish your very bodily fluids, Mandrake! (Cronologist)

I’m specced for Slow. We got all night. (Nighttempest)

I got Mirror Images, if I get tired. (Nighttempest)

I want to click your other portal.

You have a boyfriend? Thats cool, I can Spellsteal.(Allesana)

There is some strange Netherwind Presence that is drawing me to you. (Daren)

Hey baby I just learned Portal: [My Place] (Wonderballs)

I’ll cast slow and this can take all night long. (Watermasta)

How bout’ I port you to my place. Don’t worry, this one’s on me. (Icerat)

I like my women like I like my q-tips, white, covered in fluff, and willing to be polymorphed for the health even though they can’t stop me. (Thestranger)

What, you’ve never heard of Arcane Endowment? (Chanah)

Girl, you give me the presence of mind to make my next blast instant. (Watermasta)

I know what to put in your Mana Pie.(Demilinde)

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