Survival Hunter Pick Up Lines

Survival Hunter Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Survival Hunter Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Hunter Pick Up LinesBeast MasteryMarksmanship and Survival. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

You fell right into my trap.

Want me to show you how I set my snake trap. Unfortunately it only last 1 minute. (Apocowlypse)

I have a snake trap in my pants wanna set it off.(Gary)

Baby, you take my breath away. *feign death* (Stoi)

You’re…not afraid of snakes, are you? (Elsinor)

/cast Feign Orgasm

Yea about that trap, it’s not really a snake trap… (Púnch)

Hey babe, can your freezing trap take the ferocity of my viper pet? (Louis)

My snake is in your trap… (Articuno)

You fell right into my trap.

Gotta Trap em All… (Kayfay)

I won’t Mongoose Bite but I will nipple.

I put the snake in snake trap.

Deterrence doesn’t work from behind until 3.2 (Carniwar)

Is your snake trap always this wild?(Yjjial)

I want to stoke your Fire Trap.

I most warn you, my snake trap, watch out for the spitting cobra. (Gary)

Frost Trap? I’ll show you frost in your trap (Blackwoman)

Baby, it’s not ice in my Frost trap. (Delorelai)

I am going to get more than my foot caught in your trap.
Can’t say no in a freezing trap (Goff)

I’m going to scatter shot!

You make me want to scatter shot all over.

Come closer. My Scatter Shot only has a 5 yard range. (Slinky)

Be my wing man and go misdirect her.

Ill leave my shattered shot dripping off your face… (Kleptic)

There’s a good chance you’ll proc my lock and load twice this minute, and I guarantee it will be explosive. (Carlo)

I can’t disengage.

I don’t use condoms. I Disengage.(Felkin)

I just procced Lock and Load and I’m ready to get my Beast Within. (Gromthak)

hey sweetheart while I do enjoy The Thrill of the Hunt I think this is Entrapmentbecause I just cant Disengage. (Neithlan)

Don’t worry, I don’t need rubber. My deterrence will last long enough for what I need it to do (Carlo)

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