Marksmanship Hunter Pick Up Lines

Marksmanship hunter pick up lines

Here you will find Marksmanship Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Hunter Pick Up LinesBeast MasteryMarksmanship and Survival. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I got my arrow pointed at you.

Woman, do you like guns? Because your trueshot aura is telling me you want someone with [combat] experience. (Louis)

Did you cast Flare? Cause I just revealed myself to you.(Solumas)

I call that sting “herpes”. ~_^ (Stoi)

My arrows arn’t the only pointy things that I have.

If you think my Explosive Shot is impressive, you should experience my Multi Shot. (Necessity)

Don’t worry, baby, my serpent don’t sting.(Pulsar)

My arrows will go deep inside you.

Do I have a shot with you?(Blackwoman)

I can steady shot all night long(Goff)

My kill shot cd is only 9 seconds =o (Tschai)

After a few firings you are more or less shooting blanks if you get my drift. It can go unnoticed. (Ruepaul)

Check out my spec, max Endurance and Improved Steady Shot.(Delorelai)

Hey Bebby, how ’bout you join my Hunting party and I’ll show you how to get an Explosive Shot from my Black Arrow. (Digglur)

No I’m not a freak, but I can shoot your eyes mouth and chest in one go. (Carlo)

My Wild Quiver has Rapid Recuperation.(Gromthak)

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