Beast Mastery Hunter Pick Up Lines

Beast Mastery Hunter Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Beast Mastery Hunter Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Hunter Pick Up LinesBeast MasteryMarksmanship and Survival. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

tame beast. keepy happy. stay under aggro. isn’t that how women work?(Cainin)

Aspect of the Six-Pack, baby!! (Necessity)

I bet you can tame my beast. (Necessity)

You must have had Aspect of the Beast up ’cause it took awhile for me to track you down.(Púnch)

im bm i tame u then u call me master sound fun?(Hakzert)


Look! I tamed a cougar.

You like it freaky? I got aspect of the monkey (Badfast)

Will you be my animal handler (Badfast)

Wanna see my pet worm? he gets huge an I have max longevity (Bojangles)

Do you want to see my pet worm? It’s in my pants and attached to my body so I guess it’s really a p*n!s (Blackwoman)

I’ve been tracking you. (Leetch)

You can’t tame this beast. (Jayken)

I keep Aspect of the Beast on. (Jayken)

Want to see my pet turtle? (Leetch)

Do you come here often, or do you wait til you get back to the stables?(Meticulous)

My Beast Within only comes out for your Snake Trap. (Sindaris)

Stay away from my pussy.(Reihna)

Though I don’t deal in cats. I tame chimaeras.(Reihna)

Being with me is like a Hunter using Bestial Wrath. It’ll last about 18 seconds and its going to be wild! (Ryoushi)

Forget my pet. Beware of my critical shots. (Oleacanolie)

Open wide baby…time to “go for the throat” (Richochet)

Wanna see my pet??? (Spamtastic)

The beavers i’ve seen before look nothing like yours (Blackwoman)

My little friend might be called a worm, but it’s still bigger than your average snake. (Carlo)

Don’t worry baby, that’s not all I got. Wait til I pop bestial wrath (Carlo)

Do you like cats? I have a big red *****(Blackwoman)

I only have crabs in my stables (Blackwoman)

Hey baby, you wana pet my bear? (Airanuva)

I’ve got three wyrms of varying sizes! (Airanuva)

I can use my Bestial Wrath, but the Dog will be Watching. (Daginni)

I hope you’re not afraid of snakes.(Exonfang)

Don’t worry ladies, I’m specced into Longevity so my Ravager can ravage more often! (Beasters)

You and I are Kindred Spirits. (Shagrat)

Wanna see Loyalty Level 7? (Etar)

I hope you like it fast, because im specced into serpent’s swiftness and my snake has a .7sec swing timer. (Serialsniper)

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