Restoration Druid Pick Up Lines

Restoration Druid Pick-Up Lines

Here you will find Restoration Druid Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Druid Pick Up Lines: Balance, Feral and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I got a Gift of the Wild for you.

Just because I am in tree form, does not mean you gave me a woody.

I know you need to feel my Healing Touch over and over, so don’t worry. I’ll equip my Idol of Longevity. (Efejel)

Why don’t you climb on this tree baby. (Eternalmoo)

My loving can be Bark-skinned, Innervated and Rejuvenating!(Kaegan)

Why yes that’s an ever-green bush, although you might want to trim it.(Kaegan)

You look like you could use some organic, natural, grove-grown and long-lasting lovin’! Is this seat taken?(Kaegan)

Hey there baby, green looks like your color, let me get some of it on you.(Kaegan)

You are a Gift of Nature.(Zoolog)

How big is my Healing Touch? Rank 11. (Wulfwood)

Hey, do you need my Healing Touch? (Odwra)

If you don’t want me to go so fast, I could pop Barkskin! (Odwra)

So I hear you’re into Barkskin.(Talhorn)

You know what baby? Regrowth is more than a healing spell. (Solidsteak)

Baby, I’m gonna Regrowth you and make it crit.(Phaelan)

Regrowth has more than 1 use, would you like a demonstration? (Oriahtundra)

Let me teach you about the wild part of my gift. (Shiranu)

I’ve got a Wild Growth in my pants. (Omaha)

Hmm, what does Wild Growth do? You naughty thing.(Asildorian)

You’re gonna love my wood.(Icechicken)

Your Tree of Life looks like it needs a Healing Touch. (Mieu)

So I hear female druids make wood grow. (Ragerutana)

Want to come climb my Tree of Life? You can hang a swing from it and play for hours. (Aesso)

Just a second let me make a little ambiance /cast Tranquility. (Ahlianna)

Don’t worry I’ve got improved Revive, only 20 minutes.(Ahlianna)

Did you like my Empowered Touch? (Angusina)

(To another druid) You must be specced for natural perfection! (Angusina)

(Tree druid) I’ve got the wood! (Angusina)

It’s okay if you don’t have much time for dating. I’m specced for Nature’s Swiftness. (Riiyer)

So your boyfriend has lil’ twig and berries huh?, Don’t worry babe I have a trunk.(Tamwynn)

Oh, nature has definitely blessed me.(Feoral)

Mind if we skip the foreplay? Lifebloom only lasts seven seconds, but it stacks. (Angusina)

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