Feral Druid Pick Up Lines

Feral Druid Pick Up Lines

Here you will find Feral Druid Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Druid Pick Up LinesBalanceFeral and Restoration. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I want to Maul you in normal form.

You know, Stamina isn’t the only thing Dire Bear Form increases by 25%.

I want to Ravage you in normal form.

I’ll be your s&x kitten /mew (Ahlianna)

Aqua form guy druid “You know walrus’s have the biggest in all the kingdom 50 first dates ftw! (Voom)

If you think turning into a seal is impressive, check out where else I can shapeshift. (Amerya)

What has 32 teeth and wields the Unstoppable Force? My zipper. (Hennet)

Want to lick me?(Cerunos)

You can feel my Feral Charge all night, unfortunately I suffer from Natures Swiftness. (Amerya)

Need a Rake for your garden? (Verdalor)

Use Growl, it always gets their attention. (Verdalor)

Bashed girls can’t say no. (Verdalor)

You make me want to spec feral. (Tur)

Last time I Ravaged somebody, they died.(Verdalor)

I can Ferel Charge you, or do you prefer Feline Swiftness? (Yelldon)

I’m an animal in the sack.(Claw)

Ravage? Maul? Call it what you want, I like it rough!(Shadelass)

So tell me. How do you like your cat?(Dyngrassie)

So… you’re into beastiality? So am I! (Yelldon)

How about a little fourplay and heavy petting? (Dairyair)

Don’t be afraid to unleash the beast in you baby, I can always put it to Sleep.(Alyssius)

I’m hung like a bear, yet agile as a cat.(Zoolog)

I have truly feral instincts.(Zoolog)

Feline Swiftness isn’t referring to the duration.(Zoolog)

thorns. thats right, more than one honey.

When I was tracking the humanoids around here I didn’t detect you, guess that’s because you’re a fox. (Wulfwood)

I just want to be your teddy bear . (Frothie)

You know. I wouldn’t mind grinding your bear @$$ to 60 (Revanent)

MEOW baby, want to see me pu$$y cat? (Gruumm)

You’ll have to turn around, Ravage only works from behind. (Floof)

I’m the Leader of the Pack! (vroom, vroom!) (Odwra)

(to a hunter) Think you can tame this beast? (Odwra)

I’ll go feral with you anyday of the week. (Talianah)

You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals. (Frothie)

You, me, and catnip. All night long. (Frothie)

You into furries? (Frothie)

I lost my Teddy bear can I cuddle with you? (Saldrac)

Druids do it on all fours. (Sharn)

Ya know why a cats tongue is rough right? wink wink (Valindil)

You like safe sex? I have 360% more protection in form. (Oriahtundra)

I want to Pounce you. (Valindil)

No baby thats NOT my tail. (Valindil)

You wouldn’t believe my stamina in bear form. (Valindil)

Don’t worry baby this wont take long. /pounce (belg6306)

You’ll be so wet, I’ll have to use aquatic form! (Fangpaw)

Seal form allows me to go down under for prolonged periods of time.

You’ve heard of the cowardly lion? Well check out the horny cat! (barrymanalow)

Of course, you can always shift into cat form and go solo if you’re having trouble getting… no… nevermind. (barrymanalow)

My armor is not the only thing that increases by 310% in bear form. (Azarul)

Druids don’t have pick up lines. Just get in cat/bear, get behind someone and start mashing ‘x.’ (Nalera)

To some I’m a Big scary bear, to you though I’m just your Teddy when you need me.(Asildorian)

No. I will not $%^* you in Dire Bear form. I’m sorry. (Asildorian)

Ok there I showed you my Cat baby, now why don’t you show me yours rawr (Asildorian)

I promise I won’t bite… hard. (Ahlianna)

If you can catch me you can have me. (Ahlianna)

It’s getting hot, lets shift into bare form. (Murr)

I seem to have misplaced my p&$$y, can I borrow yours? (Cheezewiz)

Want to get ravaged? (Bovinas)

You be the lion and lay at my feet, I’ll be your master and throw you the MEAT! (Tayen)

I have the Idol of Longvity and the Idol of Brutality on me, so try not to leave your Claw mark on my back. (Suracha)

I’m better than sleepin wit a bear! (Onu)

Why yes, I *do* have improved Leader of the Pack. (Angusina)

/sniff “Are you on heat?” (Rippy)

Hey baby, I can rawrbomb in on you whenever you want me to. (Pikapoo)

They say my Pounce can stun for longer than 15 minutes. (Blar)

Hey don’t worry they nerfed bear form not bare form. (Furgus)

Want to let me rawrbomb you? Promise I’ll one shot you! (Dros)

Look a horny bear! (Joxua)

Watch out for that horny cat. (Joxua)

Hey, you know in aquatic form I can stay under for hours! (barrymanalow)

Transforms into seal* yes I do have a moby’s Dick. (Onu)

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