Blood Death Knight Pick Up Lines

blood death knight pick up lines

Here you will find Blood Death Knight Pick Up Lines. Be sure to check out the other Death Knight Pick Up LinesBloodFrost and Unholy. We also have an huge collection of other Wow Pick Up Lines here. Enjoy!

I do not need a key to your heart…… /heart strike

Come on baby, I said I DON’T have Blood Worms!(Jtv)

First time I saw you, you made my Blood Boil.(Marlene)

Do I, make your blood boil?

Don’t Strike my heart.

Hey baby, how about we go to my place and make your blood boil? (Spiffy)

You are a Heart Striker.

You make my blood boil and my body shake.

Yeah…I named it Dancing Runic Weapon because I don’t need to hold it with my hands.(Kyang)

Oh… you’re blood right night now…

I am not down with Blood Tapping.

Wanna see my Dancing Rune Weapon? Sorry only 15 secs(Aghad)

You will do as I Dark Command.

If you don’t stop your nagging, I am gonna Strangulate you ..AGAIN! (Dinkydee)

I am not specced into butchery…

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